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THis is kind of an add-on to the "things guitarists hate" thread.
so yeah. lets get this going.

1. When people tell you that its okay you suck at guitar hero, you could kick their ass at shredding.

2. When your parents listen to you learn a song. and then compliment on how fast you pick up on it.
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****in right budday! grunge is the shiite!

didnt read ur post tho so dont know what im agreeing to.

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Good. More centaur pussy for me.

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God bless you GrungeBeatle

4. Guitars
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Guitarists love guitars. It's a given.

Damn, beaten to it by TWO people....
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jamming with drummers who don't have A.D.D.
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I personally love when someone gives me constructive criticism of my music, instead of just 'you were soo good' ..thanks, that's helpful.
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Women that love guitarists
Badass looking guitars that play good
Being able to play a random scale and have people applaud
Being able to bag hot chicks by playing a few power chords
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For me I love to impress my step-dad who is a 20 year guitar vet, and also the magic ability to make a girl love you by learning her favorite Escape The Fate song.
When you hit the perfect pinched harmonic with just the right amount of reverb, especially in front of people.

And watching peoples faces melt
Invincible necks. Then you can headbang all you want!
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2. When your parents listen to you learn a song. and then compliment on how fast you pick up on it.

Does anyone seriously agree with this? #1 who cares what your parents think and #2 why would you trust them? They think everything you do is great.
Um, my addition to the list would have to be Musician's Friend catalog.

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Warned for trolling!

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new list

1. guitars that sound so sweet
2. amps that have that perfect tone
3. pedals
4. SEX
5. hot ass chicks who play guitar
6. hot ass chicks with glasses, (man i love hot chicks with glasses)
7. being told your awesome by other guitarist
8. perfecting a song u've been working on
9. last but not least BREATHING
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girls that like the music that u play. Just found out that this girl i know LOVES the genre of music. I was like HELL YES!

Guitarists also love drummers that can ACTUALLY keep a steady beat. my god i cant tell you how many drumers i know that cant keep a steady beat. i thought that was like RULE #1 for a drumer. christ
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Guitarists love Marijuana. (An elaboration on the multitude of "Guitarists love drugs" posts)

I suppose you could tack a power outlet onto the list. I mean... We kind of need a power outlet in order to crank it up to 12.
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Alexi Laiho.

When you wake up in the morning and you can magically play a riff you sucked at before x1000 times better.

New strings.

When you hit a perfect pinch harmonic and melt faces.

Jamming with people who don't have ADD. (My bassist friend is a total n00b. I tried to get him to play a rhythm riff for me to improvise on and it didn't even seem like he knew what we where doing.)
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spending days learning a song thats out of your ability and finally getting it.
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I'm impressed no one's said it. Finding your lost picks; specially my only jazz pick.
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Playing a solo exactly the way it should be

The pick worn to the perfect level, making picking a breeze

Gorgeous PRS thick creamy tone
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