Today i decided to fix my guitar which has been sitting around for a good while. After putting new strings on, i decided to tune, but to to tune i have to plug in, and there was no sound. Thinking its a patchcord or something, i plug in my other guitar and it works fine. So i try changing the battery in my non working one, and still nothing. I checked the electronics for a broken lead or something and no luck.

Note: the battery i took out was on the verge of exploding(bottom bulging out)
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make sure the volume knob on your guitar is all the way up. this has happened to me and then i realized it was all the way down hahaha
you might have alittle bit of rubarb in there, mabee want to clean out rubarb.
thats my sugestion.
Check your input. Sometimes my unscrewed some and it ****ed up because the cord coul;dn't get the electrical feed. Check and make sure it's tight.
Make sure the quick connect things are tight.

EDIT: Also make sure your battery didn't leak. The bulging though is not uncommon; you see it in car batteries a lot actually.
Yes, from what i can tell all the wiring is clean and connected, i was thinking that somehow, my battery surged or something, maybe killing a pickup or switch/pot? can this happen?
are the quick connects on upside down?
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After some more tinkering, i found that it works, but sounds horrible if its plugged in about 1/2 to 3/4 in
maybe a new input jack?
Unscrew out the EMG's, make sure the wire is plugged into the back of the EMG correctly. I think its a 3 tong wire.
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just rub icyhot on it..........

No seriously if you have a voltage checker make sure you didn't short anything out.

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After some more tinkering, i found that it works, but sounds horrible if its plugged in about 1/2 to 3/4 in
maybe a new input jack?

This is generally indicative of the EMGs being wired backwards at the pickup.
Pop 'em out and see.
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The same thing happened to me when I first wired mine. It was on an Ibanex DTX, so they were in pretty tight. The battery was touching some other wires, so I put some foam around the battery. Try doing that or using something else that doesn't conduct electricity.
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Make sure that the wires connecting the battery to the rest of the circuit is on properly.
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there is no way that you pickup died,that is very ****in rear if not impossible.You must have checked something wrong when you were checking the wires.

Bring it to a tech...