For sale I have a Trans Blue Jackson JS20 HSS guitar, it comes with a squier amp and an 18 foot long fender cord. Asking (200) for everything. I am also willing to sell just the guitar for cheeper if you want, just let me know. The guitar has only a VERY small chip at the top of the neck as shown in the picture, it is also missing the last string. The guitar has almost no scraches. EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY To contact me call 716-397-0172 or email me at hydrobiff@yahoo.com i can also send you more pix.

thx. -MIKE

Here is the exact one on the website.

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your link doesn't work
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Those don't go for $350 dude, thats list and no one ever pays list. yours goes for $260 on Musicians Friend. No one is going to buy it at that price, and tbh, it doesn't make you look too good. Also, this is in the wrong section. A fair price would be maybe $200.
Well dude im glad you told me but u didnt have to be so cocky about it, ik obviously nothing about guitars im a car guy and am only selling this to get more parts for my integra. Ill sell this for nothing under 200 now that ik what it sells for. Also this is my 1st time being on the site and i didnt see anyplace where you can