I've read a bit about passive pickups, done some searching, etc. But I still have a few questions...

I'm trying to find a new bass, and it seems like the main two basses I'm looking into have passive pickups with no preamp.

But I have a few questions... will a passive bass really be able to cut through the mix? I play with two guitarists who pretty much pump out Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Megadeth constantly, and I need to be able to be heard through them. I know about wattages and stuff, but do passive basses really have enough "kick" for metal?

Also, when you have a bass with an active preamp and passive pickups, does the preamp do anything to eliminate the hum? Because my Ibanez bass has active preamp/passive pups and I get a bit of hum when I either turn up the mids (really high) or when I turn the treble up, especially on the bass itself. Also, I sit close to my TV and if the TV is on, my bass gets a little humming going on, which I can understand.

My question is, does the preamp actually do anything to stop hum? The pickups themselves are humbuckers, but say for instance you had two jazz basses... one had passive pickups and an active preamp, and the other had just passive pickups of the same brand, and no preamp. Would they both have the same amount of hum, or would the preamp help get rid of it?

And can you install a preamp into a passive bass? If I went passive, I'd have no intention of doing that, I'm just curious.

Thanks for any help.
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The only thing I can tell you about all this is, don't worry that a passive bass won't be heard in metal. I was in a thrash band for two years and never played a active bass at any of the gigs or recordings.
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