Poll: 400 dollars for an american strat a good deal?
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ok so a highway one american made stratocaster is 749.99 at guitar center
a standard american strat is 984.99 at guitar center.

i had been planning on buying the standard one until saturday, my friend who works at guitar center said he rang up one of the highway one strats, and it came up as 399. apparently, the highway one strat's bar code was messed up, so he told me about it and i got an american made stratocaster for 399.
do you think i did good buy buying the little bit less quality, but still american strat for 400 dollars, or should i haeve went with the 1000 dollar one?
cuz im thinking right now that 400 bucks for an american strat is a great deal?
this is a good infinite money cheat. open your own highway one american made stratocaster store.
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i bet they noticed when they took inventory tho
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F**k yeah it was good deal
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now sell it on ebay and buy the other one... then youll have the guitar that u wanted and some extra money for a new amp.

it's perfect!
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it was just that one guitar lol, the blue one was 749. all of them were, its just the wine red was miscoded and it rang up as 399, so yeah, i wanted the blue, but i wasnt paying 400 dollars for the blue over the red lol.