Like in her house, like bombs are dropping
like mooch food, like going shopping
like big ears like pill popping,
like my mind

Like retard like insecure
like doesn't know the score
like keepin' cool when you're off the floor
like in my mind.

Like hearing trains like ugly veins
like hate you now, like hear me out
like super screwed, like be a dude
like in my mind.

Like in the nuthouse, like in my mind
like **** you everyone, like in my mind
Like no spine, like sippin' wine, like in my mind.
Like crazy, am so lazy, just like my mind.

like fretboard like a tool
like do drugs like stay in school
like no trust, like being cool
like in my mind.

Like jealous like **** no
like i just wanna go
like they will hold me down
like in my mind.

Like oh ****, here it comes
Like just play the fool and run
like do things just for fun
like in my mind.


After the second chorus, i'll probably do a little instrumental section, maybe add some more verses, whatever i feel like. Let me know.