Amp recommendation I,m looking at either a Marshall VS65R , Randall RG-40R or a Laney HCM30 which one would suit my needs better, I play metal mainly thrash and death and I want a pretty heavy amp thats gonna be able to provide me with the crunch/distortion I'm after etc. early Slayer/Metallica/Testament/Death which amp would be best for me ?
Are there any other amps I should be checking out too ?

Will only be playing in the garage at home so I dont need any huge stacks, something easy to move around.
My guitar is a ESP EC400 with dual EMG 81's.

Cheers for the help.
Marshall Valvestates arn't the best in their price range. Perhaps a Cube 60 or Valvetronix XL? A budget would help get more responses.

Why on earth would you put TWO 81's in one guitar?
I dont know 2 81's that how it came from ESP.

My budget would be upto $600-800 around that mark.