Hi all I was hoping for some help I recently picked up the Gary Holt of Exodus guitar lesson dvd, I was hoping Gary one of the true thrash pioneers might have been able to improve my playing.

I,m really trying to follow Gary and some of solo licks which sound really cool but I,m having major trouble trying to follow his fingers has anyone else seen this dvd yet and could maybe someone provide any help or advice my slow button on the dvd is working overtime but I fear I,m no closer to following Gary's fingers across the fretboard.

Maybe somebody might know if these licks could be downloaded somewhere with the fingering patterns ?
Some people like that make those dvds more for showing off than teaching, but try to watch what area hes playing in, and tinker around in the key hes in, and find the notes yourself. Takes more time that but it works. If you know your Modes that helps alot.