general rule of thumb = 4 times guitar wattage, (if its SS, not tube) so around a 450 would probably let you keep up without cranking the volume and destroying your tone
i think about another 100-150 watts would be better. but i think you might be able to do it with this.
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general rule of thumb = 4 times guitar wattage, (if its SS, not tube) so around a 450 would probably let you keep up without cranking the volume and destroying your tone

Well, right now they're using about half of their amps power though...sorry, i guess i forgot to include that :P
if its 100 watts and over, has a 15 inch speaker and isnt behringer, you should be able to hear yourself in a band situation
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I use a 60 watt at practice(although i am saving up for a 1200 watt) and we got way more power than that running. currently we're down to a 25watt tube(british watts BTW) Marshall amp and a 100 watt crate guitar amp that's mic'd through the PA. I'm not mic'd through the pa. I'm not really loud but i can be heard. Unless your guitarists are gonna crank it to max you don't need anything huge. I highly recommend the amp you chose.
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That ashdown would work perfectly fine for practice, theres no need for loud practices. I suggest getting an extra cabinet though, so you'll get the full 300 watts out of the MAG.
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A good amp for a situation like urs would be maybe a fender rumble series. Even thou they only have 100 watts at 4 its more than enough for a heavy drummer and 2 guitarists. I think thou gettin a single 15' speaker and a tweeter has a better sound than 2 10' speakers. The 15' has a bigger umph. That ash looks decent thou.
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I'm in a band right with a pretty good drummer who plays at the average volume for a drummer, and 2 guitarists' with 120 watt amps each. Will this amp be heard over all this and do a good job? We play punk/aternative by the way.



this amp should do fine, for your situation. i give it thumbs up!
Right now, I play in a band with a Bonhamesque hard hitting drummer, and 2 guitarist with 120 watt crates, and a vocalist which we run through a heavily modded karaoke machine(lol it kix ass tho cuts thru really well) and i use the Ampeg BA115 100 watt which can keep up with both guitarist even with them at 3 quarters and me at half volume and they're always telling me to turn down
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maybe if you added an extension cab but otherwise no. also the EQ on this amp is rather limited it would be great for vintagey sounds but your only going to find maybe 3 good settings out of the amp and it will limit you greatly.
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I think this amp should do alright.. FOR PRACTICE.. but gigging, thats another story. In a punk band you want the bass to be a clear and defined instrument. So you might need something with a little more range from the amp and a little more power for gigging. Punk drummers and guitarists are always so loud! so maybe something like what has been said before like the fender rumbles.. they are always a good choice for someone in your position!