So I'm trying to figure out what to get going when I start getting my better gear.
I currently am using Audacity but have a CD for Sonar 6 producer.
Sonar seems to work well and works with just about any hardware.

ProTools calls for expensive equipment but its an industry standard and I'll be learning to use the program in college with a Digidesign 003 control board.

What are some of the major differences of these two programs?
I'm more interested in the software and not the hardware.

It seems real easy to spend a lot while getting a ProTools setup but does the software do a lot more than Sonar making the extra spending worth it?
I think you should get Pro Tools, because having an edge in any production class will give you a huge bonus in a competitive industry.

Plus of course, homework will be easier since you can take your session files home to mix/review.

That said, I've been looking at sonar myself on the quiet. It looks fantastic for sampling and MIDI, whereas ProTools is f*cking r*bbish in those areas.

That said, its main appeal to me is that I heard it runs at 64 bit, which unless you have on your computer seems wasted.
sonar might be "easier" to pick up, but your gonna have to learn pro tools someday...and it is a superior program.
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Well I'm a Sonar guy myself, but if you are going to be working with Pro Tools for school you might as well invest in using Pro Tools since all your specific training will revolve around that. Its going to cost you more, but will probably be better off in the long run for your application.
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well I'm going into the video recording and editing field and it seems everyone uses pro tools for the audio part of video work and since I'm going to be learning it in class I may as well just go and spend the money for the pro tools setup.

I'll start out with a Digidesign 003 board as I've seen it work in person and I'm really happy with the unit.
yea I'm sure I'll be saving up for years even with a good paying job and be living here in NJ...

I'm starting to think about staying with Sonar now...mostly for cost and what I'll be doing with video years from now.

For now I'm looking to
1) upgrade my studio rig
2) get ready to get recording with a better pro. grade camera for school projects.
3) get setup to get some good practice for any future jobs with video/audio
4) I may want to start a small home business by recording events around the area and then editing them and putting them onto DVD for the customers.

For most of that I think Sonar should do fine. I'm not doing any high end work at this point and probably will be put in a studio with better gear when I get a good job in the video field.
Sonar 6 producer, and a nice interface/control board like the TASCAM FW1884 should work out just fine for the audio part of my setup.

With video I'm going to have to spend $4,000 on the camera plus some good software for editing which runs around $800 currently.

Tascam -------------------- $1,300
Canon XH A1 ------------ $4,000
Adobe Premiere -------- $ 800
Computer upgrades ----$1,000
Total ------------------------ $7,100

And thats just a rough estimate right now..I'm sure it will go up a few more thousand with more needed equipment for the video equipment.
I've never used Sonar, but if you're going into schooling that uses Pro Tools, then you might as well. It's not a bad program at all, it's just very proprietary because it only works with interfaces issued by digidesign (like the M-box and such). Also, if you ever plan on getting into the recording industry, Pro Tools is the only logical choice because the first thing all your potential clients are going to ask is, "Do you have Pro Tools?". Like the dudes before me mentioned, it's industry standard.