Well, I don't know if this is the right place to put this topic, but it seemed to be the best place I could find.

Now, I have a garage, right? And I was thinking, if I was gonna turn it into a practice room, and then a recording studio, what kind of stuff would I need to buy, how much would it cost, what things would I need to think about, stuff like that. I know it's gonna be madly expensive, and there's no way I'm gonna get it done soon, or even started soon. At the moment I just want to gather information and learn stuff I'd need to know.

So, to start with, I'd need to sound-proof it. How would I go about it, and how much would the stuff cost that I'd have to get?
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Sound-proofing is going to be the biggest hassle. Look around and try to find if there's someone relatively local who could give you an idea about what needs to be done. Alternitively, search online for ideas. You'll have to insulate the walls, any windows, and all doors. Some form of foam is usually used, but I'm not sure what type or eaven how to get it.
A garage isn't exactly the best place either. It's out in the open, usually facing a street, and garages are rarely well insulated to begin with. Plus, trying to record with a car in the middle of your studio could be a real bitch. <- Sorry 'bout that. It's been a long day.
well to insulate you can go to sweetwater.com and go in their studio section. they have foam and stuff. decide how much square footage your garage is and use their guides on there...as for equipment and stuff i have no idea but look into getting a tube amp and a solid state if you don't already have one... thats about it for right now, if anything else comes up that i know something about ill pipe in!
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I'm doing this to a little closet of mine.
I'll probably use foambymail.com for my foam needs.
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Use the search button, there are plenty of threads that I've seen with very comprehensive answers + links to other websites.
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Also, you have to consider the shape of the room. If its square, the natural reverb is horrible. Just consider that.
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I saw this insulation specifically for soundproof the other day when i was ordering a gate, and it gives at least a 6db reduction. combine that with the acoustic plywood that gives you a minimum 3db reduction. Or, depending how much cash you have, go insulation, normal plywood, insulation, acoustic ply?

You do realise if you soundproof it, it's gonna be hotter than a cat in heats genitals during summer?
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Depends on how high end you want to go in terms of recording and noise. Typically, you would create a room inside a room......