how do you do this ?
i have bought a mono to phono adapter and a lead so i put the phono end in the MP3 player /Computer but where does the mono end go? in the controll in on the pedal or in the Line/Phone on the amp?
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um... don't know what you have there but all i have is a converter which converts the end of the guitar lead into a headphone male jack kinda thing which i put into the computer/mp3 and it plays out of the amp
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I think its possible, but it will sound complete ****ty..;

Headphone out to line in amp?
Just a cable with a larger jack on the amp input
I've put my PSP into my Cobra's effects loop and it sounded really well (you can tweak the Presence and Deep, they are for the power amp).
^ seconded.

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You didnt say what kinda amp you have so kinda hard to tell you where to plug it in. Many now come with a plug specialy for this purpose. Mine has the standard 1/4 socket and says CD in and mine that I know of doesnt require a mono jack Im just using a standard head phone adapter. My friends amp has 2 RCA jacks.
Well after some quick research your Peavey has a simple 1/4" stereo input. You'll need a "3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack" lead (the kind you'd connect your iPod to your car stereo with) and one of those 3.5mm to 1/4" adaptors, the ones you get with most headphones. Your Vox, by the looks of it, doesn't have an option. I play backing tracks though a little 15w "Kustom" amp and play guitar through my Orange, it works fine for practicing. You could do the same with your Peavey and your Vox.
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Which amp is it?

Vox Ad15VT

thanks alot for the help all of your i appreciate it.
instead of running 2 amps (not really enough room)
could the back of my Zoom 505II " controll in" be used ?
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