Well in just over a month, i'm going on some school excursion for 3 days, and today the person organizing it asked me whether i'd like to film/document the trip, and then edit it and make a DVD for all the people at the end if they want it.

Now the problem is the Editing bit, i have a video camera, quite a good one actually, but all ive ever done is recorded me playing guitar in which you turn it on, play and then turn it off, no editing required.

But with this there is going to be HOURS of video which i have to cut down to a good... 15-20 minutes... So i'm just wondering what sort of programs there are to help do this. i need to be able to do things like
-add music over the top
-put in fast forward
-easily cut from one... scene(??) to another.
-be able to extract a still image from the video (photo purposes)

that sort of thing, anything like it?

Thanks, FeLiX
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Don't all Windows computers come with Windows Movie Maker? I'm not too sure, but I think it can do all of the things you listed.
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I think Windows Movie Maker can do all that. It is very good for simple editing.
If you've got windows there should be movie maker somewhere on there.
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Windows Movie Maker slaughters sound.

If you aren't against obtaining software through certain.. means.. then Adobe Premier Pro CS3 is pretty much as good as it comes, although it could be pretty complicated.
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Adobe After Effects or Premiere, one of the two.
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