Hey, which cab would be better for the Mark IV I'm going to get, a Mesa 2x12 horizontal cab or a Vader 2x12 cab? For some reason Im leaning more towards the Vader cab but I still need opinions before I buy. I need it to sound extremely tight and huge sounding .
Usually Mesa Rectifer cabs, (either 2x12 or 4x12) have large amounts of lowend voiced into the cab. This might be a bit of trouble if you are looking for a tight sound. Vader cabs are good. You might even look at the VHT fat bottom 2x12 cab. Mucho Denenaro but very tight and punchy.
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I would go with either a Vader Cab or a Port City cabinet. It's best to buy from a company that specializes in cabinet building.

The Mesa cab is a good choice, looks the best, but it isn't the best cab on the market.
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So I should get the Vader cab then? I do play many genres so I hope whatever cab works the best for me and hopefully the price won't be burdensome I hope. But I still need more opinions in which cab to get for the Mark IV.