hey i have been playing for a couple of years now and im starting to get into the more heavy stuff (atreyu, thrice, as i lay dying, escape the fate etc) and they all play in drop c tuning, i have played some songs in drop D and that was fine, but when i try to tune down to drop C i cant seem to get the tuning to ever sound right, i think im doing everything right, but it never sounds like it should

Can anyone please help me? what do i need to do to get it sounding right?

umm im pretty sure i have it right, i have been doing cgcfad umm it sort of sounds ok but there is a couple of strings out by like a semitone or so, umm ive been trying for ages to get it right.
do you use a electronic tuner?
Use thicker strings...
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That or some EB Skinny top heavy bottoms. Work a treat for me, although I'm in C standard-drop A#, but I have a longer scale length than most so you should be fine.
alright cool well i have 10s on now sao i might try some 12s see if that works
thanks all
just checking, i tune the top E string down to a C, then i manuel tune the rest, when i do that what fret should i be pressing on each string?
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^^^To Webbtje: C standard drop A#? You might as well be playing bass.

Anyway yes, thicker strings would help, also check your intonation.

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EDIT: ^You tune the E to a C, then press the 7th fret on the C string to give you a G. Use the 5th fret on the G to give you the high C... etc etc.
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well for drop c you dont need to go as far as .12s, it could end up destroying your neck if you dont get your truss rod adjusted, id go .11s, .11-.52 will do just fine for drop c, i use that gauge for drop b on my les paul
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Drop C -> Standard

1. Play the 7th fret A string and the D string open. Retune the D string to match the 7th fret A string.
2. Play the 5th fret A string and the D string open. Retune the 5th fret A string to match the D string open.
3. Play the 5th fret Low E and the A string open. Retune the 5th fret Low E to match the A string open.
4. Play the 5th fret D string and the G string open. Retune the G string to match the 5th fret D string.
5. Play the 4th fret G string and the B string open. Retune the B string to match the 4th fret G string.
6. Play the 5th fret B string and the high e open. retune the high e to match the 5th fret B string.