Okay, so I've been to 4 concerts in my life, an Ozzfest (this year), Lamb Of God, MSI and Slayer/Manson.... In all of these concerts.. they always frisk you and make sure you don't have any cameras or anything... so my question is this, how the hell do I keep seeing all these videos of concerts on YouTube? Yes, I know, most of them are cell phone... but I also see pictures from actual cameras rather than camera phones and real video from real video recording devices... So I was wondering... what can I sneak in/take in and how? Or does security not really care? Or what?
They could be filmed for dvd extras and someone has just chucked them on youtube. Also cell phone video can be pretty high quality these days, depending on what phone you have of course.
I know it's not DVD extras because I can tell it's someone actually in the crowd and some of them are actually much higher quality than any phone could produce, I'm sure. Actually, come to think of it, I remember even seeing some people with actual cameras inside... how the hell did they get 'em in is what I'm wondering.
I went to a concert in France and I brought a camera in even though I wasn't supposed to. They even had a guy checking people. He frisked three out of my four pockets, miraculously not noticing the pocket that had the huge camera shaped bulge in it.
I'm sure last time I went to a gig at the ABC in Glasgow I wasn't frisked.
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Anyone can try sneaking a camera in. Just stick it down your pants or something. As long as you know that there's a chance they'll take it... which would suck if it's that nice of a camera.

So it's not "how" they do it... it's whether or not they're willing to take the risk of trying.

Some concerts don't care if you take pictures.
There are a lot of concerts that I've gone to where you were allowed to take pictures as long as the device used wasn't "professional level". There's like some type of measurement limit to it. Lots of people bring in the camera and the lens separate, and then it's up to security to catch em.

The last handful of concerts I've been to, and they've been decent sized (Dimmu Borgir, Cannibal Corpse to name a couple) I haven't even been frisked so that could explain it.
i went to a show one time, it was in a bar/venue, i saw the human abstract, they didnt frisk me and i had a camera and i was taking pictures all up front and the little red flashy light kept comming on right in the singers face it was funny, i was surprised the didnt kick me out
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Some people sneak it in, conceal it in different places... Some have friends who work at the place who sneak stuff in for them etc...