It may be asked too many times now but the search didn't answered my questions so here it is.
I bought a power rails humbucker set and I want to use the classic les paul wiring diagram from duncans' site cause GFS' are not detailed enough (for me at least)
But the wire colors confuses me...

GFS Black = SD ??
GFS Bare = SD ??
GFS White = SD ??
GFS Green = SD??
GFS Red = SD??

PS: I'm an electronic noob who only knows how to solder so I'd appreciate it if you stick to the pattern

Thank you in advance
Quote by forsaknazrael
I'm pretty sure they're the exact same wiring color scheme as Seymour Duncan.

I just found a thread where you mentioned that and it appeared to have worked for the guy. So yeah, that pretty much answers the TS's question.
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Here is the email reply I got from jay at GFS a while back:

All GFS Humbuckers wire the same way-
Green = + This is the Hot wire, usually soldered
directly to the toggle switch or leftmost tab of that
volume control.
Red/White pair solder to each other. No Contact
(Tape them off) is for Humbucker sound, Connect to
ground for Single Coil sound.
Black and SIlver solder to ground. We like the back
of the volume pot.
Dream 90's and Shielded single coils all wire the
same way-
White = +
Red or Black solders to ground
Silver Shield solders to ground
Single coils are always wired the same- White or
colored wire is always +, Black always -
Blowout Single Coils- Red= Bridge, Yellow= Mid,
Blowout Humbuckers can use either GFS or Seymour
Duncan wiring codes.
Hope this helps,

I'm a little confused now, according to eXperiment63's post, black and bare goes to ground in GFS pickups. But in this schematic isn't green and black reversed??

LOL actually I don't even know what does ground mean, nevermind me
Wait, didn't your GFS pickups come with a diagram? Like a little paper that showed how to wire it? I think it had the color code on there...

And technically, I guess you could reverse the black and green. As long as both pickups are wired the same way (both pickups either have black to ground and green hot - or vice versa.), it doesn't matter. Just make sure you do the same thing for both of them.
it did come with a diagram which was absolutely useless for a electronics noob Also there is no color code on it.
Seymour's are very good though...

Thanks very much forsaknazrael

What other are thinking about the reversed green/black thing??
I still have mine
It says
Silver shield- Ground
Green- +
Red +White- No contact for humbucker/ Connect to ground for Single Coil

"If in-between postion is too thin you are out of phase. Just reverse the + and the ground leads on the GFS pickup without disturbing the silver shield."

Thats all word for word.
conect to ground for Single Coil