Hello. If anyone wants, they can check out Crash Landing at www.myspace.com/spacebox2. The soloing begins about halfway through the song. It's kind of a metal instrumental with more of a rock beat. Let me know what you think. Oh, it's also in my profile if you want to listen there.

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listening now...eerie intro cool so far. The drums dont really fit the mood to me, we ll see where it goes. Awesome riff kicks in..you seem to very expirimental which is cool, but the divebombs i heard were a little eh. I loved that wah riff. The solo is cool, very spacey and reverb. Back into that wah riff which is awesome. Is that it 1:55? the myspace player stoped like in the middle of the duration, im sure its jsut messed up.

But yea i love that wah riff, excellent use of the wah in this song. It got alittle too expirimental for my taste, but it stayed on track just enough for me to really enjoy it.

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And now i cant get back again....
type as i listen:
good atmossphere intro , kay , drum destroyed that to be honest a little(sound doesn't really fid in in that) ,wow , man awesome riff "in your face" style , great guitar tone, after that love the little samples in the mix , riffs are solid , and the drop down wioth the whammy bar sounded really cool with the "heartbeat"thing in the background , well solo fits in there nicely

not excactly my taste for all day but , i really liked it , keep it up
listened to some other songs from you page really like them !
thanks for your crit!
english is not my native language