Hello, I'm new to these forums.

I'm trying to learn a fancy version of a song called 'Tempestad' by Juan Serrano.

In the beginning, there is a Am chord with a trill, on the same Fret. The tab looks like this:

0 (0)
1 (1)
2 (2)

Now, the frets in the parenthesis are the 2nd notes in the trill. My question is, how do you trill on the same frets? Isn't that impossible?

Or do you just do a trill from Am to open and back? (Which sounds really awful because you can't make a decent sound out of it unless you have the fingers of Thor)

I thank you to anyone who may offer some advice.
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Are you sure a parenthesis in tab doesn't mean a ghost note?

Just sayin...

Yeah, it has a TR~ above the tablature.

Although, just for curiosities sake, what is a ghost note?
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ghost note?

its a note that doesnt have to be played, but if played, it can sometimes make it sound a tad bit more accurate or better.
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I'd just try to make it sound as close as you can to the song. I'd probably try to just strum those last three notes of Am quickly to give a "trill" sound...though that may not be the correct way.
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rasgueado maybe?
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rasgueado maybe?

I think thats what it must be. Thank you.

There must not be an official notation for rasgueado.