JVM- WTF. absolute crap. I have bought maybe 3 packets of them, and everytime without fail the one string breaks. Not from string fracture, but from ****ty build. The ball ends are not on secure enough, and when they break, it ****s the whole thing up. This is the second time in as little as 2 days that a string has broken due to this.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? I am ****ing pissed off. Having spent about 30 dollars on strings. Anyone know anywhere I can buy 1 e string?


edit: Fairly sure it was JVM... or JCM or something, had a J and an M.
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If the string is breaking at the same spot each time, and it's the same string that keeps breaking, I'd seriously be looking at the guitar being at fault rather than the strings. Is there a sharp edge/corner on the bridge causing it? You mentioned ball ends on the strings. True classical strings do not have ball ends, and the strings are tied onto the bridge. Can you provide a pic of your bridge? It might help.