Sorry about the title, didnt' really know what to name this thread...

Anyway, I'm trying to get my guitar to produce a sound like the guitar in this music video Youtube link.

My guitar is an Ibanez GAX30 and my amp is a Micro Cube from Roland (link )...

I've tried tweaking the gain and tone but it doesn't really do the trick. So now I'm wondering if buying some kind of pedal would help me achieve that kind of sound - do you think it would, or is it impossible for me to get that sound out of my guitar?
Sure you can, not exactly but atleast near it and nice song by the way.

Anyways, you might want to fiddle around with a crunch setting on your Micro-Cube.
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Sure you can, not exactly but atleast near it and nice song by the way.

Anyways, you might want to fiddle around with a crunch setting on your Micro-Cube.

Sooorryyyy to ask such a stupid question but uuh.. what crunch setting?
One of the "types" (like acoustic, jc clean, brit combo) or...?

Sorry I'm still very much a noob when it comes to electric guitar (AND amps!!!)

Here's a picture of the various switches etc on the cube: http://www.musicpromusic.com/boutique/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/e97f1b96b1f7385d4f93c4a5d620f8b5.jpg
very easy to achieve go with the brit setting. and just mess around with the drive and treble and bass and youll get it. maybe even a tweed because brit might be to hard for it and twangy
Try using the Black Face or even the Brit Combo then adjust the tone and gain accordingly to what you hear is best replicates it.
I think the brit will be your best bet. I have the microcube and the other two gain models are more for metal and other things, brit is more for classic rock/punk and things with slightly less gain
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Theres no eq on the microcube... which is why its good for beginners but as you get better you wan to look for more sounds which is why i need to buy a new amp well with the cube you dont have that much you can tweak other than tone and gain so i think you should go for the brit definitely and change the gain and tone until ur satisfied... ouh and volume too
I think I've tried all possible combinations of gain and tone now, and I simply can't crank out a single "squeaky" sound reminiscent of the one found in the music video.
Whatever I play it comes out way more bass-y and grungy than in the vid... I figured it might be be cause she (girl in music vid.) is using a single-coil guitar and I'm using a humbucker guitar, but uuh... she's using a Gibson Les Paul and I think it has humbuckers too so....aaaaarg! aarg!
I feel like such a noob, perhaps I should just stick to easier stuff for now... 8D
*opens youtube link*...WTH was that :p

Yeah, it's not very bassy. I hate that tone, but that's just me. Idk what syou should do..Not to much distortion...and well not to much bass, but I guess you already figured that out. So o.O
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so many different settings, you're gonna have a hard time dude.....
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Haha that was prime quality Japanese music =D

I'm still debating whether some kind of pedal would be able to make the sound of my guitar more "squeaky" (in lack of a better term...)
Try an EQ pedal... bring your Microcube to a guitar shop/guitar center/what-have-you guitar shop near you with an EQ pedal and try to EQ it from there, before the Microcube is the only way that I think you can eliminate the bassy-ness...
Bought the Behringer pedal today (they didn't have the danelectro) - just tried it and it works like a charm. I'm close to getting a tone like the one in the video, I think I just need to mess around with the amp and pedal a little more.

The pedal is super awesome, it makes my guitar sound completely different and makes the sound a lot more full and awesome.. haha seriously, why didn't I get one when I got the guitar?!

Anyway, thanks everybody for your helpful advice =D
Hey you could try turning down your volume on your guitar plus turning down the gain and fiddleing with the settings like if you had a basic amp you could try these settings Treble:10 mid: 5 bass: 3 gain:5 and then your guitar volume right down to about 3, 4 or 5.........
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