So someone local is selling a original Marshall Jcm 800 50w combo for $500 (Thats its in dollers but im actually in Ireland)
Thats pretty cheap but some cosmetic repairing will be needed.

This is what he said.
"There are minor cosmetic problems, a tear in the grille cloth and some knobs missing. Also the pots tend to be noisy/scratchy. Reverb needs some fiddling to get it working."

So what kinda work is gonna be needed here? I know, getting the grill cloth will be easy. But will the pots need cleaning or replacing?
Sounds like a pretty good deal, I wouldn't imagine more than 100 USD on fixing the pots and reverb.
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Just take it to a marshall authorized dealer, get a service on it and ask them to replace the knobs & grill cloth.
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Do it yourself first, they'll charge you an arm and a leg to do it. Clean the pots, then pull out the plugs for the reverb pan and clean those off w/electrical contact cleaner, then put some on a cotton swab and clean out all the jacks (reverb, input, output, etc). Doing that will save you a lot of money and trouble and you may not need to take it to a shop at all.
^Yeah I was planning on doing it myself.

Hopefully all they will need is a good cleaning and it will be bang on form!
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^Yeah I was planning on doing it myself.

Hopefully all they will need is a good cleaning and it will be bang on form!

Learn how to discharge the capacitors so you don't electrocute yourself. The caps store huge amounts of power long after the amp is turned off & unplugged. You don't want to touch one of those by accident while doing your own repairs.
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Take the chassis out. Send it to Marshall HQ in Milton Keynes to get it serviced and fixed. While you wait for it to come back to you, repair the cabinet and the grill cloth yourself.
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