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So, I was the #1 tabber in quality for the past few days, and it seems like someone had a problem with this.

This user rated 1-star to my tabs and posted comments like "gay" or just "hkjeshvr".

What can we do against those users? Is there a way UG can remove the comments/ratings and ban the user?

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Ive banned him for now.
We've got a system in place for checking votes etc, but i dont have username/password to it.

As for now, Ill remove the comments now, but keep a record of it etc for any other mods who want it, and im sure dyuha or someone can remove the votes.

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Wow, how fast and efficient.
Thanks, I appreciate!

I hope someone can erase his votes too, and that'll be perfect.
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You could trace their IP and get a rough estimate of where they live, go to every door in a 5 mile radius and knock all of the people that answer the door out, then you know you got em.
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Votes removed

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