Hey is there any way (apart from major surgery) to bypass the modelling on the gmx212 v-tone behringer amp? Coz basically... i run my guitar through the direct input line ins that go straight to the speaker and the amp actually sounds decent!!! but sometimes i dont get enough gain from my multifx unit, i was wondering, short of buying an amp (as in PA) or seperate preamp, is there anyway to bypass the fx on the behringer coz even on the "clean" setting... it distorts... which is just annoying.
i dont think so. i have an xvamp modelling pedal and you can bypass the modelling by setting it to amp bypass, but its only a pedal though. try to set the modelling to amp bypass or classical
Does it have an insert jack, or Effect loop jack? if so, stick your guitar in that jack, or return jack. However, that bypasses the entire preamp.
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If you dont want an amp with modelling then you need to buy one with out it. Its built into the hardware of the amp. If it has a effect loop you can use another pre amp. But you may as well just go buy an amp.