well, this is just a part of a song, but i was already told that it sounds boring. i myself think that finally i wrote sth readable. xD

do you feel it, can you see it
the part of me that is locked
in the depths of my head
in the chains of self-doubt

and i'm afraid to release it
can crush our desperate ties
i am running, escaping fate
shower you with my lies

hate machine is now created
i'm being thrown into
this corrosion is getting accelerated
eating us all the way through

in this f**king hurricane
my mind is running circles
doesn't change, i'll go insane
it's hard for me to focus

well, maybe it's too.. umm.. it used to be more precise about things, but then i thought i could make it more universal, so more ppl could relate to it. idk. what do you think?
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