I'm building an electric guitar for my RM GCSE, and I found some body blanks. I have 2 pieces of mahogany 30mm thick, which will be glued together and cut into the KV shape. I want to know, will 30mm be thick/strong enough if I'm using a bolt-on neck?
Or should I try and add a 10mm cap on top?

Thanks in advance
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3 cm is pretty thin. Altough it should be strong enough, I'd put something on top of it for extra strength and less neck dive

edit: also, if you're gonna use a floyd rose style trem, I don't think that's gonna fit. Not sure about that though.
yeah, fender bodies (complete with trem and bolt on neck) are usually around an inch and three-quarters thick (~4 cm)

you could try and pull a parker fly design, but you might have to worry about the neck joint failing unless you've got some super-resonant synthetic material lying around
If you do a hardtail then its possible. Blackmachine guitars are roughly 1.1" thick
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