Or some 100 watt amps for that matter.

I was planning on getting a Marshall JVM combo, until I realized it didn't have any wattage reduction. No one needs a 100w amp.

So anyway, after that I looked at the Marshall TSL100, which is great - but reduction only to about 25w, fine for playing at home not for gigs, because lets face it at most gigs I wouldn't want to use all 100w.

On to the TSL60, of course that should have VPR. .. No, no it doesn't. And I don't understand why the majority of 50/60w amps I've looked at don't have it either.

*sigh* amp search continues.
Well honestly there isn't that much of a difference in volume between a 1oo watt ampo and say 30 watts, the amount of watts really just tells you how much headroom you'll have before the amp starts to breakup.
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Mesa/Boogie amps usually have a lot of power reduction options. I can run my Mark IV in about 15 watt increments between 30-85 watts. A 30 watt amp, though, is still deafening. Sounds like you're being a bit too picky.
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Dont get a 100w amp then? I think any kind of power reduction is just unnecessary fecking around really, and as someone already said yeah, it doesnt make enough of a difference to be useable really
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Hmm. So if I got say, an Orange Rocker 30 head and a 2X12 orange cab. That'd be loud enough for my gigs, quiet enough for home practice and not overkill for recording?

If I wanted to make it even louder, would adding another cab make significant difference?

Because if so. I'm fecking going for it. I'm so tired of amp talk.
^ If anything, you wouldn't even need extension cabs. The combo would be fine.
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I've got a 65w crate combo crammed into a very tiny bedroom, it can go anywhere from earth-shattering to just loud enough, and the only thing I use is the volume knob
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If I wanted to make it even louder,...............

You wouldn't.
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