hi im looking for a new head because i the distortion on my fender isnt really what im looking for. out of the mesa single rectifier and the engl thunder which one do you recommend. im open to other amp choices too.
For the money you pay for the Single Rectifier, you could get a way better Engl than a Thunder. Try the Fireball, for instance.
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What kind of distortion are you looking for?


Mesa and ENGL are two totally different beasts.
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im looking for distortion that would be good for alternative punk, metal type stuff. i do a lot of palm muting lol
At that point, neither is better suited than the other and it's just pure personal preference. Any high gain Peavey, ENGL, Mesa, etc. will meet your needs. It's just a matter of pounding the pavement and spending some face time with pretty much all the amps you can.
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i tried a dual recto and i liked it but i dont know anyplace i can try out the engl's