Okay, I've started performing recently, I have a nice PRS SE II thing, but I have no idea what I should do to make it louder. Because...

I want to use some Boss pedals with it. At the moment I'm gonna use an ME-50 Multi FX, which is like all of Boss in one, just not as good, but good enough for beginners experimenting with effects. If I was to plug this into a Line6 amp or a Marshall, surely the effects would become effected by the ones built into the amps? How do I overcome this, and what types of and models of amps would people recommend for me to use? Or should I just put it to the PA or through a keyboard amp instead?

Many Thanks.
Amps with on-board effects also allow you to turn them off. Clean channel with no effects should work fine.
Hi, I'm Peter
yeah they wont be affected aslong as you dont use them simultaneusly - although i would recomenned a 2 channel amp with no effects - onboard effects tend to be poo