i'm interesting in buying an SG guitar.
my budget is around 450 dollars, and i'm definitely willing to buy used.

i've looked into epis, but they don't seem so good quality, and the ones i played were also pretty average.

so i looked into the cheaper gibsons (that i'd buy used of course) like the sg special faded.

what would be my best bet, an epiphone sg, a gibson sg faded with new pickups, or a different gibson sg, or even a different brand ??

thanks !!
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epi custom with the 3 pickups
or if you play metal the tony iommi sig
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Well, the Gibson is going to be a bit better of course. I like the faded Cherry Special for like $580.00 but you can score a nice new Epi a lot cheaper. I have my eye on a used Cream LP/SG with three pups and all gold hardware. The guitar is in awesome condition plays and sounds great and it's only $315.00 but I am sure I can get the price down to a little under three. You can probably pick a used Gibson SG in your price range if not go play some Epis and see if you like them.
i got a faded flying v from ebay for 370 dollars and the pick-ups in it are quality!
i wouldnt bother changing the pickups on a faded sg if i were u
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$450? Epiphone.

I'd rather a high-grade model of a decent inexpensive guitar, than a bottom-of-the-well model of a great guitar.
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I find the Faded SG feeling very flimsy. And as SG's are notorious for breaking headstocks, I'd go for a G400 or Tony Iommi model. Or you could always save up for the Standard. Now that's a sexy guitar.
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