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"while its actually not a bad guitar.. its just that, for the price you can get much better. i don't own it, i've played it for about 10 min's at a guitar center and i must say, its probably on the top 5 list of best looking guitars i've ever seen.. but the sound is just to mediocre, i mean, really. i wouldn't want to go on stage with this hot guitar and then not impress with a average tone coming out of it. its for collectors and posers"

theres your awnser also i dont know how you buy a guitar off the internet i would never play a guitar without holding it in my hands first
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I'm thinking that this is the wrong place to post such a thread. Electric Guitar forum please!
idk mate, seems like you can do better for a $600 guitar.
but if you really like it, go for it mate

if your going for that price range and you want an SG check out the Tony Iommi signature.. it's about the same price and Ive heard nothing but good things about the tone... assuming thats the kind of sound you want.
i can see how 99% of people would look like a tool weilding that guitar. try it out in front of a mirror first.
Most 3 pickup guitars look toolish. Most people don't have a use for the middle pickup as well.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Lets just hope you dont end up like a guy I know.....buys a guitar for looks, cant play a darn thing. The only thing he does with the guitar is pose with it in pictures and acts like a wannabe rock star.

If you CAN play, doesnt matter what guitar you get.

I have tried it at guitar center and was all, wow it looks nice and !!!3 humbucking pickups ZOMG

but I plugged it in and was like. was this intended for people who just like to show off their guitar and not play it. or the people that use it as a decoration on the floor somewhere.

dont buy this

i got a freaking jackson for 600. it has nice pickups and nice everything. no point in buying the SG.