Does anyone know if you can buy all the wiring for a set of EMG's seperately? if so where from?
I got some secondhand ones and the pots and wiring are f**ked.
Im in the UK by the way
just get some 25k pots and 0.1uF capacitors from www.wdmusic.co.uk
and you will need a battery clip aswell, they can be found in maplins if you have one local.
we are both assuming you are talking about active emg's btw.
yeah, a pair of 81's. the jack conector is covered in soulder too and one of the tabs has broken off
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yea well any 25k pots and 0.1uF capacitors will be fine. I just replaced all my active EMG electronics the other day, I got the CGE 25k pots and Orange Drop 0.1uF capacitors. I also bought a switchcraft switch (to replace the epiphone one I had) but depending on your guitar you might not want that.