hey im thinking of buying a microphone for gigs etc so what mics do you recomend?

mainly metal music so screamo/normal singing

are headset mic's any good?


btw my price range is up to £50 roughly
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the standard for gigging is the SM58.
sure, there are better out there but for the price it's hard to beat.
I have a Behringer C-1. Sounds realy fizzy when monitoring it through a mixer and headphones, but when played through loud speaker it's crystal clear and sounds brilliant imo. Only around £30-40 too.

It's a condensor mic
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awesome, the thing is playing live the crystal clear quality wont make much diferenace at a metal gig (well not as much as indie) as i'll more or likely be a back up singer XD
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shure SM58 or 58 beta if you prefer them.

they're the industry standard for live vocals. theres better mics out there, but the shures are pretty tough.

headsets are generally awful.
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