hey ive been playing gtar for years now and ive been satisfied with my rather
nice sounding cheap strat copy.
but as of late ive been smashing it about into things, my couch, walls, amps throwing on the ground,
nearly threw it through my bedroom window the otherday wen me and my singer were rehearsing a song of ours......
anyway my band and i are recording an ep and by the looks of it will probably be touring localy over christmas.

anyway i was wondering about this Epiphone SG 310,


as it looks great, plus its only 329 bucks australian. im more of a Yamaha man so i dont know anything about epiphone.

just wanted to know if its a nice sturdy axe to handle semi-pro stuff and the
hardship of a long tour.

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Go for the 400 instead if you can afford it. Much better axe, some would say on par with the "faded" SG that Gibson produces. My friend has one, it's a really nice guitar; the only thing I don't like is the rather large heel.
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just take better care of your strat! (and save up for a gibson)
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its kinda hard to care of my strat, our gigs and reahearsals are quite umm...wild.
Esspecially wen we play smaller gigs, like private partys, and i swing my strat around and it hits the bloody wall next to me that i didnt realise was so close. or breaking my mates bass amp during the ending of killing in the name.
I also have a very luscious 79' yamaha SE1000 which i could use, but i dont for that very reason.

thats why i want i cheap axe that can take a bit of beating and sound good,
rather than using a good guitar and having to cradle it all night during the gig cos ur afraid of breaking it. thatd ruin our energy and reduce the fun of our shows.

so i cant save up for gibson, cos i would probbly break it, and waste all that money.
but i dont mind buying a 300 buck SG every six months if i get to throw it around every night.
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I say quit bein an idiot with your stuff personally . Your heart set on an SG clone? If not check out the Agiles, nice and cheap and solidly built guitars.