Hey guys, as many of you know the splinter cell series has been going downhill over the last couple installments. Ubisoft has put out **** games that are buggy as hell. Several gamers have taken it upon themselves to create a total conversion mod for unreal tournament 3 that replicates the Splinter Cell Verses Multiplayer. Its gunna be sick.

They are in the pre-production phase right now and are looking for people to join the project/support with ideas and other things. If you are interested in just checking this out here is the link.


I'm soo pumped about this its gunna be sick. I'm just spreading the word cause I found it today and was like ****, thats awesome.

Check it out.
I think he meant yuck at your atrocious grammar and spelling.

And I never particularly cared for Splinter Cell's multiplayer, anyway. I would like to see if this mod is any better, though.
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Well I don't know about anyone else but it's amazing seeing what some of the people are doing on that site.
I dunno about conviction, we'll see what happens. It seems they are removing the whole shadow stealth gameplay that made splinter cell so great, but we'll see. This mod is gunna be awesome though, I cant wait.
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what about conviction? it's supposed to be rape.

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lol, I hope* it is good, but I have my doubts, but once this mod is finished, it'l be the only thing I ever play.