when you're not a begginer anymore and have moved on to intermediate guitar player? i mean i can play alot of songs that i don't really consider begginer-ish like stairway to heaven, rock and roll, wish you were here, and alot more, and a a bunch of solos that aren't exactly easy but i mean, what do you think gets you out of the begginer state? :P

I would agree with the poster above, beginner to me means your still learning basic chord forms and switching between them and don't know many, if any, scales. I'd say once you're moving on to more advanced chord forms (7ths, 9ths etc...)and you're moving on to soloing then you're not a beginner anymore.
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It's very hard to gauge ability at guitar, cos the people who have been playing for 30 years or more and are amazing to the rest of us, could consider their ability after 10 years to have been intermediate. Yet someone who has been playing for 5 years may consider their playing after 3 years to have been intermediate.

You can never stop learning new things about the guitar and music. And if you are an intermediate in one style, and a total beginner in another, are you a beginner or intermediate overall?