Ok, so my school has this filter installed called 8e6 mobile client...and it has pretty much everything blocked...digg, somethingawful, youtube, myspace, facebook, even google video...and every single proxy i have tried is blocked...same with translators too, so what can i do to get past it? i cant uninstall it as it requires a password, and i used to be able to get past it by booting my laptop (they made us all get tablet computers this year) with its wireless switch off, but that doesnt work anymore...so is there any way i can get past the filter?
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wow, good luck

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You can buy something to stop it. But if you get caught caught you are ****ED and a half mate! Does www.slimeman.com work? That passes boring lessons away with ease! Also if you have logins,pull the eterhnet cable out JUST before you log on then put it back in.
I'm guessing you go to a private school. I really don't know.
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