the immigrant song
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Stairway is pretty easy comparitively. Rock N Roll is pretty simple and fun. Kashmir?
Kashmir isn't too bad, and neither is Black Dog, if you're past the stage where your fingers trip over each other.
Whole Lotta Love
What Is And Never Should Be
Stairway To Heaven (while being long, it's not really that hard)
The Ocean isn't too hard
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the lemon song is pretty straight forward...

hey hey what can i do...

hangman from III

im talkin' mostly chordial type strumming....

invest in a zepplin song book too... find tunes you
can play now...

good luck
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Im doing stairway for an assessed solo performance at university, made a slightly different arrangement for the verse. Gotta perform december the 3rd and i havnt even learnt the solo yet
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hangman from III

u mean... "Gallows Pole"???
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Immigrant Song & Kashmir are the easiest.

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What songs are hard?

The Wanton Song, well not really hard but if your not good with fast chord changes and adjusting your fingers it would take some time.

As for easy songs....i'd say Stairway, Kashmir (if you don't minds tuning to DADGAD), or Whole Lotta Love.

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You isn't bad either...
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whole lotta love
rock and roll but cut the solos out, if you're looking for easy solos, stairway solo is easy
The only song I've really ever tryed is Stairway to Heaven.

Its simple as hell.
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Immigrant Song is easy.
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The only song I've really ever tryed is Stairway to Heaven.

Its simple as hell.

Simple? Maybe, but I would bet that you can't play it note for note all the way through.
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What songs are hard?

any les zepp song should be easy. the solos...not so much.

I have learned a good deal of their songs and I can safely say they are good songs to learn in your first few months of playing.

moby dick
black dog
immigrant song
living lovin maid
dancing days
traveling riverside blues(if u got a twelve string which i doubt)
theres way too many more that I could chose. but try these. its kinda from hardest to easiest. kashmir is/was a big stretch of the fingers for me but it is easy. so i left it off the list.
hangman from III

Yep, whoever said it, Gallows Pole is the proper name. One of my old favorites, 2nd Zeppelin song I learned, Stairway was 1st, while it was still working its way up the charts way back when...

Most of the easier ones have already been named, my favorites are the ones in open tuning like That's the Way, Bron Y Aur Stomp, In My Time of Dying...
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