I want to get a wah peddle. I have heard the dunlop crybaby pedals are great. I was thinking the 95q seems a good choice because it has the automatic turn off switch and the q dial. How do the other brands such as boss and vox compare to the dunlop?

Thanks a lot
I have the Dunlop, I tried out a few other models and preferred the Dunlop. Try out some others, it's just a matter of what you prefer.
check the ultimate wah thread..

but vox>boss/dunlop at any time

anyway..post in the wah thread


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Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon is really underestimated. You should try it, it sounds great for the price. It does sound like a professional one to me, even though most users here think it sucks.
if you want to use the wah with a love of distortion forget vox.
go for the 535q or morley