Ok i was looking on ebay for a set of volume/tone knobs for my bass

Here is my bass ( nothing special i know )


And here are the volume knobs


Just wondering a few things

Will they fit on my bass ok?

And it says that they fasten with a set screw... my current volume / tone knobs can just be pulled on and off..Any problem there?

I know its not a drastic mod ... heck i wouldnt really call it a mod Just want to be sure
They should fit. Even if the pot shaft on your bass is slightly smaller than those of a normal guitar/bass, if the dice knobs are made for a standard size pot shaft, the set screw will just have to be tightened a slight bit more.
And anyways, it says the bidding has ended on the dice knobs when I click on the link, so unless you're the one who bought them, it's probably too late, anyways.