Im looking to spend maybe $100-150, I have an electric, but I want to start on Acoustic first.
i wouldnt really buy guitars from online
id go to an actual store and play it to see how it is
The thing is, I have no idea how to play guitar, so how would I know which one to choose?
^-- yes, yes she can. much more of a player than a looker actually.
That yamaha gigmaker package you origionaly posted is great for its price. I purchased the package from costco over a year ago and still own it, im currently looking to step up to the $400 price range. It's a great starter guitar to learn on, you wont be disapointed.
Thanks, I was hoping it was good, with the reviews it seemed so. But can someone also link me some strings to replace the stock ones with? I heard it needed that to sound a ton better.
The FG700S is probably the best. but i think the Gigmaker pack is probably OK
And no matter what guitar you get your going to need strings as sometimes theyve been on the guitar since the factory or theyve been being played in a shop for a while. Even if they are fine, your going to need new strings eventually anyway.

The Elixirs and D'Addarios are both good, grab whatever, you can experiment later on