So I saw the other thread, and decided to make this one. Which present-day political issues do you not care about?

As much as I am embarrassed to admit it, I don't care that much about the women's rights deal anymore. The women's rights campaign accomplished so much in past decades, but there hasn't been much change lately. Men and women are about as "equal" as we're going to get. I wish that women would get paid as much as men for the same job, because it's pretty silly that they're not. Also, I wish hardcore loud crazy feminists would stop tarnishing the movement's campaign. (Oh by the way I'm a guy)

Maybe gay marriage too, because in my opinion, if you don't support gay marriage, don't get one .

So UG, what political issues do you not really give a crap about?
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One time I had this chick setting on my lap, sucking on my neck, unbuttoning my pants when one of my friends walked in and ruined the whole thing. To be fair though, she was his girlfriend.

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Anorexia. I really just don't give a f/ck about dumb rich girls deciding not to eat. Starve, b/tch.

I don't know if it's a political issue though. Just thought I'd say.
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Really, it's quite gutting that we'll all be dead by the time the earth is entirely underwater because I really want to stick your head underwater while standing on Everest and say "if sea levels aren't rising, HOW COME YOU'RE DYING?!"
Global Warming!!
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Seatbelt laws.
Who gives a damn?

i do because it affects everyone's insurance when some dumbass gets thrown 100 feet out of his windshield and caves his head in because he was too macho or just too obese to put on a seatbelt.