Ok i just pluged my guitar in (epiphone G-400) and on the bridge pickup their was a lack of output?

As in it kinda sounded like i was on the neck pickup with no distorition. This has just happend randomly. I was playing about 2 hours ago for like 2 hours and it was fine. I turn off for dinner. Come back 3 hours later. This happend?

Yes the tone is at 10 and so is the volume on guitar!

Im thinking its the volume pot?

EDIT: its not my amp!!! I know its crud!!! Ive tryed it on my frontman amp as well!!
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It's your amp.
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can be a faulty guitar switch. or a loose guitar input.

if either have a loose wire, pickups can cut out when you move around.

so flick the switch. check the guitar output and repost.

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Mine does that!

I have a Line 6 Spider II 112.

And I know it's not the amp because every other guitar I've plugged in there works.

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Check your input jack and your cables.
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