Hey, I have recently just started back with my amp plugged in electric rather than just sitting with the acoustic or having the solid body unpluggged, and I reminded myself of why i got frustrated and left.

I always assumed power chords are the easiest things, and rightly so, but i simply can't seem to achieve that good old crunch sound.

Do I need a new amp? I was thinking of getting a new one. Or new strings, they are certainly older than the rule of thumb age of 6 months - also getting new strings this saturday.

Or perhaps i dont have the amp set up right? Or is there a major factor in the guitar? I have a fender-like. Its second hand and from a mate. He used to be in a rather successful teen band with it, playing hardcore/scremo i guess, so I guessed it wasnt the guitar. But i have also heard rumours that guitars, with time lose their "sound".

Any help will be immensely appreciated. :-)
strings lose their ring after a while, and do you mean crunch as in distortion/gain?
palms mutes its... really tho. What kind of amp do you use?
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probably either the strings or the amp, alot of amps will have a clean and a lead channel, and usually the lead channel is where you get the "crunch"
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nah gutiars don't lose their sound, maybe you should bring it to some luthier or some one to give it a check.

what amp have you got?
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Well no offense but it sounds like you're a total noob, so I'll try to make this simple and help.

First off, strings should be changed every one or two months, or more if you gig.

Guitars don't lose their sound, they sound better as they age.

By crunch I assume you mean the fuzzy distorted sound power chords make, first off you need to make sure your guitar is up all the way, as well as the tone, then make sure your amp has distortion or drive on it.
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you probably dont need a new amp... yeah im surprised your strings havent broken after 6 months. get a pedal also....
Turn the mids down abit but not scooped, i have mine just under half way down, and put the treble up a fair bit with the bass just a but lower. That might sound like crap as its all down to your personal gear and taste but it works for me.

Oh and some other good points;

Thicker strings, i used Ernie Ball 10-52 for about 2 years since i started now i use 11-54 the only problem is that i can't tune to standard on my guitar ..... But thats not a problem for me so i still recommend the 10-52 set as they go up to standard nicely.

Depending on how high gain your amp is already maybe a pedal of some sort? I have a EH Metal Muff which i use with a Boss Ge-7 (i think) which is all i use for my 'Metal' tone on the clean channel. If its already fairly high then maybe a Ibanez Tube Screamer or something along those lines might help.
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I could try and give you some tips:

- Get fatter strings. I use D'addario hybrids, the high strings are 0.9's and the bottoms are 0.10 - feels proper right.
- I assume you play a Strat-type guitar with single-coils. Try playing on the second position (which utilises the bridge and the middle pickup) or the fourth (middle + neck). This will give you a humbucking effect and a better rhythm tone.
- Drop the mid's on your amp and increase the gain. Experiment with the settings until you nail a sound at least partially close to what you want to achieve, and then some more.
- You could drop-tune your guitar, but that really isn't the way to go when you're still learning and not composing.

That's all that comes to mind. You must get the most of your current gear. And if it doesn't satisfy you, wait for Christmas ;]
All of these people have good suggestions...I always play distorted with my mids about halfway up. I used to scoop out all the mids, until I realized that it just didn't sound that great. Heavier strings work, too...on the 6-string portion of my 7-string, I use Ernie Ball .10-.52 Hybrid Slinky's, and they sound really good.

You said you were playing a 'Fender-type' guitar, so it probably has single-coil pickups in it. Putting a humbucking pickup (or a hot-rail pickup, if you don't wanna carve a hole in your guitar) in the bridge position also helps a lot with getting That Good Old Crunch.
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thanks guys.

Right then, I will look at fatter strings. 10-52 so and sos, not that it means anythign to me.

And the controls will be set to T-High M-Mid B-Mid/High
and the bridge set to middle/neck for rhythm and middle/bridge for lead.

And I should really invest in a new amp, I'm thinking a marshall. I'm no whizz (and as the nice man rudely pointed out, a total noob - which i resent, I am just not fantastic in this section) but i have only really seen marshalls with the heavier bands that use heavier sounds. While I see weak rock bands in the indie genre using VOX amps moreso. - Also whatever marshalls I have ever used in the past have always sounded good.

Cheers guys.
it won't sound as good if you don't have a humbucker in the bridge. do you have a humbucker in the bridge? if not, you should get a humbucker in the bridge. also turn up the lows on your amp and keep the highs around the middle. cut the mids low. have your tone knob all the way up.

if you're looking into getting a new amp, check out peavey. you can't go wrong with one.
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