alright so im looking at new amps and i have played gallien-krueger amps and i love their sound so i was looking at them and this is what i like.

Gallien-Krueger Neo 212 Bass Cabinet:

Impedance: 8 ohms
Power rating: 600W
Woofer: 2 GK-Paragon 12B300-8, Stamped Frame, 12", 300W, 8 ohm Neodymium
Tweeter: GK-Paragon 5H50-8
Frequency response: 36Hz to 19 kHz + 5dB
Sensitivity: 98dB
Crossover: HMS Bi-Amp/Full Range Switch, Horn Power Limiter, L-Pad High Frequency Attenuation
Connectors: HMS Compatible Bi-Amp/Full Range Speakon, 1/4" (Full-range only)
Construction: 11-ply poplar, black Tolex, 16-gauge steel grille, custom-tooled interlocking corner system and front ported
Weight: 64 lbs.
Dimensions: 20-4/5"W x 25-4/5"H x 16"D


Gallien-Krueger 400RB-IV Bass Amp Head:

280W @ 4 ohms
Continually variable-speed fan
10dB input pad
Mute switch with LED
5/4 string voicing
Adjustable contour
Presence voicing
Bass specific 4-band active EQ
Boost and master volume at output
Direct out: XLR, ground lift, and pre/post switches
Patching: send, return, and tuner out
2 - 1/4" speaker jacks
15 lbs.
17-1/2"W x 3-1/2"H x 8"D

okay but im a total noob when it comes to cabinets and all this stuff.

Will that be loud enough for gigs?
What is a 15 speaker? (i hear everyone talking about them and i have no idea what that is.)

ugh god amps are so confusing lol. basically is this an amp that will be a good amp for many years down the road and worth the price?

the reviews were really good but yeah.

thanks for the help
It should be fine for small to medium sized gigs. If I were you, I'd get a more powerful head (the cab can handle it, and you might not want to upgrade as soon in the future). If you do get these two though, you should be fine.
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okay thanks thats what i wanted to know.

yeah the cab ive seen alot of artists use and so i kinda knew that. but thanks for the head info.
itll work fine for now cuz i mean i have to get the big gigs first so yeah lol

thanks alot.
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