I am curious as to how many UGers have donated their hair to a wig making place for people that have lost their hair due to chemotheropy (sp?) or some other way.

I am thinking of doing it and I am curious who else has.

This girl at my school did, she said it was a rewarding experience. She was interviewed by the school newspaper, it was kinda neat.
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My mates donated my hair, after they shaved some of it off after copious amounts of alcohol ¬_¬

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our school had a big thing in which a whole lot... like 30 or something people did it at the same time... they all (that i talked to/heard about) said it was great. go for it!
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do you get paid for it?

Lol, that's not the point buddy.

For me, I would never do that, only because I really like my hair .
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no you don't get payed. you have to have a lot of hair because they need 12 inches. its called lockes of love.
i'd have to pay sum1 to accept my hair that's how bad it is..... well on the bright side at least i'm going bald.....and i'm 16 lol
the drummer in my band shaved it but it was too short now he looks kinda less cool. lol.
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