I'm looking at getting a G2 or G2.1U as a replacement for a broken zoom 606 pedal. Both cheap enough and seem to be best for the price range.

All I wanted to know was if anyone has any tracks or even just some doodles on their profile which are recorded using either of these pedals? I really need to know what the pedal sounds like before I actually commit to buying.
good distorted sounds would be perfect. but obviously I'd like to hear a range.

Any help much appreciated. Links and song names would be fandabidozi.
yeah me
ik sucks but this was the Marshall amp type
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I havent got any sound clips but ive got a G2. And to be honest it's pretty crap IMO - theres only a few amp models that are bearable, and alot of the effects are pointless and unusable. The buttons on mine are almost all broken and the left footswitch thing doesn't work. I only really use it as a metronome.
But thats just me. It could be handy if you play a wide range of styles.
It's good for the price, way better than the old zoom stuff. packed full of features aswell for a decent price.

i play a lot of metal and to me all of the amp models except possibly the clean models are not to my liking. the effects are pretty decent though and the drum machine is cool for messing about with.

good for the price but i am sure there are better out there.
Both my profile songs are recorded using my zoom. Have a listen.
New tracks on my profile! Please check them out and see what you think!