kk i wrote this the other day
i need some constructive criticism!

when you look into your twisted mind
what do you see
do you see the heartbeat of our nation
if not then quit playing with Gods creation

a race of who has the most money
to get some more
if you really cared about the people
you'd let our troops finish your war

we stated as a country built on
love and promises
but weve turned into a place
of death and destruction

whats obvious to me
is so unclear to you
because apparently
you have no clue what to do
i dont think you should lead this flock
youll lead us off a cliff
and when we fall whell hit a rock
I like the opening, but i find the rest is like a spoken rant.
Maybe some more poetic imagery, rather than constant in your face.
The way to a girls heart is through her ribcage