Well ive read up and theres apparently..

economy picking
sweep.. or was it sweet... picking
alternate picking.

Seems like just pickin down every time works fastest for me, but what should I practice so i do it the right way.
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scales. Practice going up and down scales alternating your picking.

and it's sweep picking...but it is pretty sweet if you can do it!
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thanks guys! is alternate picking up minor pentatonic\chromatics for like half hour everyday gonna help? i think itll help dexterity and my overall lead skills that way i know t he scales as well too.
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Alternate picking minor pentatonic/chromatics for half an hour every day will definitely help. Make sure you do it with a metronome, so you can keep in time and record your progress. Start at a comfortable speed, then when you feel ready, nudge the metronome up a few bpm. It may seem slow, but in a few of months you look back and realise that you've increased your speed dramatically.
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well i did stuff like that. i can tell u this (i am self taught btw): sweeping, start slow go faster. learn the A Minor arpeggio, and just repeat that , slow > fast > little slower > faster etc. i basically play guitar whenever i have spare time, but i progress fast because i am a fast learner when it comes to stuff i like :P

for alternate, dont expect it to just come to u. it took me shorter to economy pick (i started gutiar in march of this year), but im still mastering my alternate stuff. keep practicing everyday, but always leave room to learn songs u like to make it funner ^^
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Black Dog by Led Zeppelin is a great song to practice economy picking. The first time you play it you may have to think about going up or down. But soon it will come naturally. Also, I feel it's easier and more fun to learn economy picking while learning a song instead of just playing scales.
Alternate picking is like breathing for playing guitar. Its not an either/or
situation. You can't really be good at economy picking unless you're also
good alternate picking, but the reverse is not true. That's because economy
picking conditions only occur in specific situations, whereas alternate is good for
alternate picking always, some may disagree, but imo alternate has way better tone than economy. i can sacrifice a few NPS.

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