Do people spend more time on UG then they do playing their instrument?

Just curious!

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I usually play while on UG but when I'm not I'm looking for tabs so I can go play
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I sit here and play, while on UG.

I know, Sounds tough doesn't it?
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no, i should be doing homework and studying for a test tomorrow

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i play at the same time
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No I played like 6 hours yesterday. I just go on UG when I need to wind down or when people are asleep.
I made a thread that said the same thing, but not cleverly disguised with a question.

I was warned
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Their are like 1,000 of these threads, search.
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i definantly spend more time on the computer then playing, I usually just play through my setlist, sometimes play some of my really old ****.. couple covers, 20-30 minutes of playing i just can't be bothered.

I'll play for hours whenever someone comes over and jams with me though.. as long as they aren't musically retarded
Yeah i play geetar all the time i'm in the pit. Normally learning a new song.
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My guitar is on my lap and the metronome is on as we speak.

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